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  Victoria Oracle Users Group Meeting Announcement


Thursday, April 24, 2014 
2:00 - 4:00pm

St. Ann's Academy auditorium (side entrance) 

835 Humboldt St, 

Victoria, BC V8W 1B1

Coffee included

Advance registration is required for security

Please thank our meeting sponsor Dell

Database Replication, Bill Brunt

Database replication as an architectural strategy moved into mainstream several years ago. Today, all the major players including IBM, Oracle and Dell offer high speed, log based, fault tolerant, asynchronous streaming replication solutions. This presentation will first cover the fundamentals of replication and then quickly dive into specific implementation considerations for several use cases including disaster recovery, load isolation, auditing and more.

About Bill

Bill Brunt started working with Oracle in 1988, presenting 4 previous times at OOW and its predecessor. He has worked with SharePlex for both Dell and as a customer. He has helped hundreds of customers increase the availability and deploy scalable infrastructures. His experience with Oracle includes database administration, architecture, data warehousing, Oracle EBS and application development. Hands on experience with replication technology includes change data capture, messaging queues, block level disk writes, enterprise application integration, extract transformation and load.

Key Factors for a Successful Database Deployment - Caleb Small 

This presentation summarizes the key success factors derived from a real-world deployment of two pairs of Oracle Database Appliances in primary/standby database configurations. It includes best practices for planning, initial deployment, production database migration, RMAN backup, and DataGuard physical standby configuration. It also touches on operational topics including log rotation, alert log scanning and notification, and automatic DataGuard health checks and notifications. While some points are unique to the ODA and RAC, the factors presented here are applicable to any production database deployment

About Caleb

Caleb is a senior consulting Oracle DBA with decades of experience in IT, and specifically with Oracle high availability installations since version 7. He has deployed dozens of production systems on both scratch built and engineered systems including the the Oracle Database Appliance. This, in combination with his experience as a professional instructor, and featured speaker for user groups around North America makes his presentations both informative and entertaining.


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