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Kevin Closson, 

Oak Table member,

Chief Performance Architect,  Sr. Director XtremIO Business Unit, EMC








  Victoria Oracle Users Group Meeting Announcement


Thursday, November 20, 2014 
2:00 - 4:00pm

St. Ann's Academy auditorium (side entrance) 

835 Humboldt St, 

Victoria, BC V8W 1B1

Coffee included

Advance registration is required for security

Please thank our meeting sponsor EMC

Modern Platform Topics for Modern DBAs 

Oak Table ( ) charter member Kevin Closson will be presenting two informative in-depth topics focused on extreme database performance. This session will be of great interest to all DBAs who are planning, designing, implementing, maintaining or tuning the Oracle database. 

Understanding Key All-Flash Array Features and Characteristics That Matter in Oracle Database Performance and Manageability 

All-Flash Array (AFA) technology is mainstream. However, not all storage devices in the AFA category are created equal. We all know Flash is fast so this is not the typical speeds-and-feeds AFA presentation. 

How is an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) to know which of the common features found in AFA devices are meaningful in Oracle Database use cases? How does in-line data deduplication and compression impact Oracle Database? How is an Oracle DBA to know what testing methodologies will prove predictable performance during a proof of concept test cycle? 

Kevin will tackle these questions and more. This session focuses on AFA implementation architectures and Oracle-centric how-to information spanning test approaches and key performance indicators one should look for in Oracle Time Model (Automatic Workload Repository) data during AFA testing with Oracle Database. 

SLOB - Silly Little Oracle Benchmark For Accurate Testing of Physical I/O-and Much, More! 

This session covers a fundamental review of Silly Little Oracle Benchmark (SLOB) and how one can use SLOB to further their expertise in Oracle Time Model Performance Method as well as to test and gain deep, practical understanding of new Oracle features such as Oracle Database 12c Multitenant and In-Memory Column Store features. This session is packed with modern platform topics for modern DBAs. Kevin Closson will weave in important topics like CPU hyperthreading (Intel SMT), Intel TurboBoost and NUMA as pertaining to performance characteristics of Oracle Database on modern industry-standard servers. 

Kevin Closson, Chief Performance Architect / Sr. Director, XtremIO Business Unit - EMC. 

Kevin's 25-year career has spanned Platform and Software product development, performance engineering, technical marketing, support and application development positions specializing in Oracle, non-Oracle databases and clustered platforms. 

Before EMC, Kevin was the Performance Architect in Oracle's Exadata development group (System Technology Group). Prior to his tenure with Oracle, Kevin held positions within HP/PolyServe, IBM, Sequent Computer Systems, Veritas and Altos where his main engineering focus was developing port-level throughput and scalability enhancements of the Oracle server on high-end Unix SMP and Clustered Systems. 

Kevin holds patents in SMP locking algorithms and database caching methods. Kevin invented and maintains the very powerful platform testing toolkit SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark In addition to book collaborations (Apress/Rampant), Kevin's written works have appeared in IBM Redbook, Oracle Magazine, Oracle Internals Magazine, SELECT and CMG. Kevin is a charter member of the Oaktable Network organization (membership 2002). Kevin maintains a very popular technical blog at


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